After installation, GTI tests all hoists every six months for passenger/goods hoists and every 12 months for goods-only/beam hoists, as specified by LOLER regulations. GTI qualified examiners also carry out inspections after significant damage, modification or partial dismantlement. Load tests are carried out, including with visual inspections including the integrity of all connections, by a trained GTI engineer. The load testing involves driving the hoist through the full length of the mast and checking the integrity of the structure by loading the hoist with a higher percentage of its safe working load. The percentage load will be determined by the specific hoist manufacturer.

Once the load testing is satisfied, the hoist is drop tested by bringing the descent of the hoist to a controlled stop with its safe working load inside. If the above tests prove successful, a final test is carried out and a Report of Thorough Examination is issued to ensure all aspects of the hoist operate correctly and there has been no deterioration from the tests.

Construction Hoist Testing

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