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Goods-only hoists are used for vertical transportation of materials and can be used for larger items contained inside the cage. No passengers are permitted to use the hoist as they do not have a roof fitted. A loading ramp is used to provide access to the landing level created from the large drop-down sections at each end of the cage enabling pallet trucks and trollies easy access.

An operator at ground level controls the goods-only hoist using a pendant control attached to the base electrical enclosure by cable. This enables him to view the required landing level and stop the cage within the zone required. The landing-gate and access to the host cage for unloading is only granted when the hoist stops inside the permitted zone. Goods-only hoists are available with internal cage lengths of 1.0 to 6.2 metres, internal widths of 1.4 to 2.0 metres and payloads of 500–4000 kg and use one, two or three motor drives as per the passenger goods hoists.


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