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Mast Climbers consist of a Work Platform fixed to either single or twin vertical masts which travel up and down the mast using an automated power unit (APU). They offer quick, reliable and economical access temporarily for a large variety of construction and maintenance work. The whole platform moves with the passengers, unlike alternative traditional scaffolding which means that operators can spend longer on productive tasks.

Mast Climbing work platforms are of modular steel construction and platform lengths vary from 2.8 to 13.4 metres for a single mast and 6.7 to 35.9 metres for a twin mast. This flexibility enables GTI Hoist to erect a secure and reliable platform to match the length of the building facade being accessed. Mast Climbers can work up to twenty metres high free standing or travel up to 300 metres tied to a building with a maximum load capacity of 9000 kg for a twin mast. For more specialist applications, GTI Hoist can provide Mast Climber solutions for working on angled facades of either 80, 100, or 110 degrees. Even at these angles the platforms maintain a level plane, giving a safe and practical working area.


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