Passenger goods hoist » GTI Hoist : Hoist Hire, Operation & Management

Passenger goods Hoists have the ability to stop at a number of landings vertically outside a structure, whilst transporting passengers and materials. Depending on the payload, a range of geared brake motors can drive the passengers goods Hoist cage in the desired direction. The Hoist offers an independent safety function which can bring the cage to a controlled stop in case the travel speed in the downward direction is exceeded.

GTI Hoist can offer Hoist cages in a variety of sizes up to 6.3 metres long and 2.0 metres wide and payload capacities are between 500 to 3200 kg. The cage can be accessed from three sides and there are many drive options and control systems resulting in a safe and reliable hoisting solution created for your requirements. A trained driver operates the cage from inside ensuring the secure loading and unloading of the cage at the landings required.


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